This is the order of the first payware planes, in the first year of payware:

1, My DHC-3 Otter, September 13th 2003

2, My Grumman Avenger, October 1st 2003, (I got Mark Roberts to disable comments on this one)

3, 3points (X-hanger) general aviation plane

4, 3points (X-hanger) general aviation plane

5, My DC-8-71, March 29th 2004

6, 3points (X-hanger) general aviation plane

7, My Sud Est Caravelle III, April 7th 2004

8, My Short Solent July 16th 2004

9, Jason Chandlers Piper Fleet v741 9th July 2004

Somewhere in there was 2 payware authors who gave up early, with an airbus and a DC-9. Then shadetree, Hienz and Peter Hagar joined payware and after that I lost track, there are so many now. Interestingly in October 2003 Peter Hagar pulled his freeware C-5B out of the registry in protest against payware.
Article on early payware plane history,

Here is screenshot of comments section on the first payware plane posting in history, September 13th 2003. X-plane aircraft were previously freeware only and from the day I posted the first payware plane on felt like an online civil war that lasted about 4-5 years. It was my DHC-3 Otter which I later sold to Shadetree Aviation. The first x-plane payware plane author was 3point (x-hangar) but he did not want to post on until after I had started posting.
July 16th 2004 epic fuss about short solent download, I pasted the screenshots together and it was too long for one webpage so I divided it into 2 parts:

part 1
Part 2