3D printed Sud Est 2010 Armagnac model kit in 1/144th scale
At the time it was built the Armagnac was the largest plane in the world, and possibly was the first widebody airliner.

The cockpit windshield windows are 3D printed in "ultra frosted transparent" and need to be sanded with finer and finer sand papers and then dipped in mop and glow 2 or 3 times.
I modeled the fuselage/wings in halves so that people can make opened doors or interior detail if they want.
The main gear is 3D printed already in place, the nose gear is a separate piece because it needs to be be in the middle of the two fuselage halves.
There is provided parts to model the gear in both closed position or opened position.
Note the nose gear wheel well correctly modeled.
Here are decals for all 3 liveries printable on Testors decal sheet with your printer.

(edit) this hasnt been done yet
Below are screenshots of my X-Plane flight simulator SE-2010 model that I used to convert to 3D printable file format for this 3D printed kit:
Radial engines are not provided because the detail would be too small for 3D printing, however this plane uses the exact same engine as the Lockheed Constellation, so a 1-144th scale Lockheed Constellation would have the same engines.