3D printed Lavochkin LA-200 model Kit 1/48 scale, I am also converting it to 1/72 and 1/32 scale
note the small fine fins in the interior of the engine
note the detail of the gear. the gear and gear doors are 3D printed on the fuselage.
this is to show how the clear plastic canopy came out too yellowish colored than the "frosted" plastic canopy. they both needed to be sanded with finner and finer grades of sand paper both inside and outside, and then needed a few dips in mop and glow acryic gloss to become transparent. a faster way would be to just vacuform over it to make a thnner glass if making a detailed cockpit. if making a detailed cockpit i would reccommed using the ejection seats of an injected molded mig 15.
there is no info i could find on the shape of the gear wheel wells, so i left it blank and put a basic dark painted shape
the main landing gear comes out flimsy so i have added a 3D printed metal landing gear option, you would need to use a dremel to make a small hole in the fuselage and super glue the metal main gear
here is a link for the shapeways parts

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