3D model and performance by Michael Wilson
Panel by Gerhard Strack
Paints by Heinz Dziurowitz and Michael Wilson
Object cockpit, bomb bay, and tail wheel by Derek Jacob
360 view photos by Andy Aorr
Resources by Jon Peats
Custom sounds by Chris Wraight
Object format engine and pilot figure by Heinze Dziurowitz
Grumman TBF-1C and Half wing version for x-plane 10x

Performance speeds of flight model:

Max cruise speed at gross wt, sea level…190kts / 218 mph

Max cruise speed at sea level with out weapon payload ….. 200kts / 230 mph

Max speed at gross wt at 10,000 feet…..210kts/ 241mph ground speed

Stall speed at gross wt, flaps retracted…………68 knots which is 78 mph

Stall speed at gross wt, 2nd flap detent…..58knts / 66mph

The torpedo is modeled using present xplane abilities and limitations so it does not propel itself underwater.  However there are 500 pound bombs included that can be used to simulate the 4 x 500 pound configuration.

The engine controls are accurately tuned so dont forget to use normal procedure to increase blade pitch as you accelerate and also as you gain altitude. Normally prop  blade angle is set at minimum pitch (blue lever all the way up) for takeoff and landing to provide maximum power. During cruise and at higher altitudes the blade pitch is increased to the best angle for most efficient cruise. You can turn on inflight data output to see very detailed information and help understand the relationship of different engine settings.
The "half wing" damaged version simulates trying to get home with half the wing blown off, as WWII fighter planes have been known to do. I modeled this since there is an account of a Hawker Typhoon making it back over the English channel with half a wing blown off. Obviously needing much higher airspeed, and holding a good deal of right aileron, the pilot even did some stall tests to see how it handled. He succeed in making a belly landing near the English coast and was not hurt. My flight instructor who had been flying since 1941 told me that in the case of the Avenger, if you could make it home you would not try to land it, you would bail out. Still in xplane I have been able to land this both on the belly and even on gear using an extremely long runway. Its very difficult. Of course it is recommended to get rid of extra wieght such as bombs etc. You would have to start from the air of course.
If doing a cold start you need to press ctrl 1 to start the engine.

IMPORTANT Please be aware that the plane is by default loaded to maximum bomb and rocket payload, So this means that take off and climb would need to be a shallow climb unless you remove the bombs and rockets in the weight and balance weapons tab before takeoff. The weight and balance Tab is in the Settings menu. Also for climbing out at max weight it is important to be aware that blade angle needs to be increased as a you accelerate.

Like many WWII fighters this has a relatively hot wing, the airfoils have purposely been tweaked to increase sharpness of stall onset, and amount of lift lost after the  stall, this means accelerated stall (stalling with high G force turns) is harder to control as well as during flare and stall practice.

The navy blue avenger contains one torpedo, and the three color camouflage version carries 4 1000 pound bombs.

Left turning tendency due to prop factor and torque is adjusted by aileron trim which is on the panel.

Here is some information from a pilot of one of the remaining avengers:
>  Flaps are optional as to take off. Normal is with either no flaps or 
> 10  to 20 degrees. The TBM uses full flaps, 45 degrees ,on carrier 
> catapult launches even at gross weight of 18,000 lbs.   It loves to 
> fly and with full (or any setting) the pilot must be careful when 
> retracting flaps as not to sink. The book says on carrier launches to 
> have 500 ft before any  retraction which then must be slow and 
> deliberate etc.

Carrier launch doesnt work correctly for tailwheel aircraft in xplane because it tries to push the plane by its center wheel which in this case is the tail wheel.  (works ok with nose wheel jets)  wwII aircraft were launched by cables attached to the main gear.

This  plane is not a 3D cockpit, This plane comes with 360 photo cockpit views that were photographed from one of the remaining TBF avengers. The 360 cockpit view photos were carefully pointed in the correct directions to give correct perspective  when flying.
This  plane is not a 3D cockpit, it is 8 way photo views

This is for x-plane 10xx, it doesnt look as good in 11xx.
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