Morane-Saulnier MS-703 for x-plane 10x
Although Ive put a lot of effort into historical accuracy, there is little information available about this plane, I havent been able to find a top plan view so my wing and elevator plan views are estimates. I havent been able to find any information on how the interior looked so ive modeled the interior of a twin cessna of the same time period, and ive used livery styles from that time period which seem to fit the character of the plane. with a fuselage length of 33.5 feet this is one of the largest 6 seaters I know of. Often post WWII aircraft were a bit scaled up and heavier than modern general aviation aircraft.

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The engine controls are accurately tuned so please dont forget to use normal procedure to increase blade pitch as you accelerate and also as you gain altitude. Normally prop  blade angle is set at minimum pitch (blue lever all the way up) for takeoff and landing to provide maximum power. During cruise and at higher altitudes the blade pitch is increased to the best angle for most efficient cruise. You can turn on inflight data output to see very detailed information and help understand the relationship of different engine settings.