Sud Est 2010 Armagnac for x-plane 10x

At the time it was built the Armagnac was the largest plane in the world, and possibly was the first widebody airliner. Comments and suggestions welcome. Reminder: field of view needs to be set to about 60 or 70 degrees for 3d cockpits. The cockpit isnt very textured and the instrument positions are not necessarily historically accurate, in order to make a truly historically accurate panel would have been a tremendous amount of work.

3D model and performance by Mike Wilson
Paintwork by Mike Ista
screenshots by VinodKumar747
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The engine controls are accurately tuned so dont forget to use normal procedure to increase blade pitch as you accelerate and also as you gain altitude. Normally prop  blade angle is set at minimum pitch (blue levers all the way up) for takeoff and landing to provide maximum power. During cruise and at higher altitudes the blade pitch is increased to the best angle for most efficient cruise. You can turn on inflight data output to see very detailed information and help understand the relationship of different engine settings.
***Please note: As of 8.60, austin has changed autopilot usage, if using 8.60 it is necessary to set one of your control stick buttons to autopilot disconnect.
Download CSL kit here

A CSL Kit enables other people to see your plane when flying online.
Youtube video of plane in X-plane