I placed a single faced quad in each seat of my Hawker Siddely Trident, it is taking the 2D image from the PNG panel image in the panel folder, panel images can utilize transparency in a 3D cockpit so all that is needed is to allow the pilot image to move as webcam video would. X-plane has the ability to project "video" inside a cockpit in the form of the A380 landing gear cameras but that is video made by xplane, the question is how to project video from outside of X-plane.
Eventually pilot and copilot flying online will be able to see each other in x-plane 3D cockpits using their webcams and simple greenscreen technology. I need help with coding to realize this ability as sooner. It is easy to isolate oneself from your background by placing a green sheet behind you:
The "in X-plane" plugin project, need help with coding
Austin wrote:

Plugins can do this I think.
I am pretty sure that you have a plugin callback that is a point that lets you render your own 3d geometry.
You just need to have the plugin send and rcv the texture IMAGE to be drawn as the pilot each frame...
I have decided not to make this payware because X-planes 3D cockpit technology was originally a plugin by the Goodway team and was eventually integrated into default X-plane because it was essential.

Im asking for help with coding because code is not my  talent. My email is:
3D cockpits have gotten incredibly realistic, the only thing that is missing is real people in the cockpits. the modeled pilot figures often look bad. The top quality cockpits need people as real as the cockpit. Eventually there will be a way for the image to be 3D through the use of more than one webcam.
The webcam image is obviously 2 dimensional however pilots rarely leave thier seats during flight so the eye view point does not change. Eventually the image will become 3D through the use of more than one webcam.