3D model and flight model by Mike Wilson
3D cockpit  by  Julien Brezel
420 series conway engines by Gary Hunter
Airfoils by Peter Meinenger
Custom sounds by Chris Wraight
Detailed gear by Derek Jacob
Data refs, wing flex, vortex generators, and horizontal stabilizer by Stephen O'hearn
Liveries by Tony Flahant
Tail rivets and windows by Allan Ogilvie
Flight tested by retired 707-320 pilot Charles Raines, retired 707 pilot Alex Stanton, retired 727 pilot Craig Borger, and retired L-1011 pilot Andres Poirier.

11xx Boeing 707-420 and 707-320

Retired 707 Captain Charles Raines wrote:

Thanks for the note.  I agree, the recent global scenery update was outstanding.  I can't imagine how much work that must have taken them.  I also thought you did a good job on the B707 manual.  I'll bet it will be a while before you undertake another project like that.  I'm surprised you didn't wear out your scanner.  I kind of run hot and cold with x-plane.  I will spend hours for days at a time flying different airplanes and exploring different places, then I'll go weeks without ever touching it.  I've been playing with it lately and I honestly think your B707 is the best simulation of the actual airplane I have found.  It is also the most enjoyable airplane to fly of anything I have found.

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