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DC-5-71,  for x-plane version 10xx up. Features: Accurate  flight model performance and speeds. Custom airfoils by Peter Meinenger. Has photo 360 views. Updates are free through 10xx.

Sud Est SE-210 Caravelle project transfered to Heinz Dziurowitz
Ryan Navion L-17C  and Camair 480 Twin Navion

Lockheed L-1011-200 and L-1011-500 Tristar for x-plane versions 10xx up. Highly detailed aircraft with accurate flight model, stall speeds, cruise speeds, and range. 1024x1024 panel. Extra liveries included. Goodway ready. Updates are Free through version 10xx.

Dehavilland DHC-3 Otter Transferred to Shadetree Aviation
Grumman Avenger TBF-1C for x-plane versions 9.40xx and 10xx up.
Package contains: Custom panel, photographic 360 cockpit views, custom airfoils, custom weapons, realistic flight model. updates are free through version 10xx.

About x-plane®:
X-plane® is a flight simulator similar to the Microsoft flight simulator however it has many advantages in rendering aircraft performance and flight model realism. As a pilot myself I compared an aircraft I have personal experience flying the cessna 172, and found x-plane's® flight model to be more realistic. X-plane® also has advantages as a tool for aircraft design. A very good explanation of these things can be found on
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Breguet 763 Provence transfered to Nicolas Taureau
3D cockpit Boeing 707-320-C  for x-plane versions 9.40xx and 10xx up. Features Highly detailed aircraft with accurate flight model, stall speeds, cruise speeds, and range. 1024x1024 panel. Many liveries, includes flight manual and performance charts. Updates are free throughout version 10xx.

Sud Est 2010 Armagnac
Current Projects in progress:
Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C
Piper Cherokee 6 Transfered to Shadetree Aviation

MS - 760 Paris Jet III
New liveries for Heinz's DC-3 package
Morane-Saulnier MS-703
Wilson Aircraft complete package $30 USD.  The planes included in this package are the Boeing 707, L-1011Tristar, Short Solent and Grumman Avenger. Feel free to send me an email if any questions.
Miscellaneous paintwork
Transfered Projects:
About Wilson Aircraft

Wilson aircraft is primarily made up of my self Michael Wilson, and I often receive help on projects from very gifted authors.
Some of the people who have collaborated on projects include Gerhard Strack who is a highly talented and experienced panel expert, who has been with xplane® since before 5xx.

Peter Meininger, a panel and airfoil expert who is also a member of the highly esteemed xplanefreeware.net team.

Ive also received help with airfoils, flight model and research from Jon Peats who is a professional aerospace engineer and who's achievements include managing the maintenance for a fleet of Boeing 707 AAR.

Another contributor on projects has been Heinze Dziurowitz, a well known xplane® author, with many great freeware planes available for download.

As for myself, I have private pilots license on cessna 150/152s with over 200 hours flight time. I feel this experience has had a great effect on my overall understanding of flight characteristics and flight dynamics.

Lockheed Tristar 3D cockpit
Complete Package
Other designs:
Invisible plane
Quarter pounder with extra cheese
The in-xplane project
hit counter website
hit counter website
3D printed Lavochkin LA-200 model kit
Article about Woodridge F9F Grumman cougar
3D printed Sud Est 2010 Armagnac model kit
Article on early X-plane payware planes history, with screenshots
3D printed Morane-Saulnier MS-703 model kit
Short Solent Mk III,  for x-plane versions 9.40xx and 10xx up.
Features: Accurate flight model performance and speeds. Custom airfoils by Peter Meinenger, 1024x1024 panel designed to simulate the challenge of 1950's ocean navigation. Has photo 360 views. Updates are free through 10xx.